Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are You A Shutter Bug?

In my line of work, taking pictures is extremely important. Capturing details and recording them for use in my articles as visual aids can be as important as the writing of the article.

Using visual aids is exciting and very affordable. They help to hold the interest of your readers and also to clearly express your thoughts and ideas along the way.

When I write my novels, I like to have pictures on hand, which will help me describe the characters in my stories. I find it easier to paint the details in words by looking at the pictures and it also helps me as a writer to lay out the plot in the books, long before I put pen to paper. Or in this case finger tom keyboard.Pioneer ND-BC20PA Universal Rearview Camera With Parking Assist Visual Display 
Live Audio Basics
Visual Impact, Visual Teaching: Using Images to Strengthen Learning
Living Language: Ingles Para Recien Llegados - Para El Trabajo Y La Escuela (English for Newcomers - Visual Aid to Help Day to Day English For Work and School)

Amazon carries a huge selection of cameras as well as accessories for that shutter bug in your family! I was very impressed at what I saw. I like to take a camera along with me, when I go out for a drive or on a long road trip.

You never know what might pop up! My life mate is an avid photo bug and loves to take lots of really cool pictures of just about anything we come across, while out and about! Depending on your budget, Amazon has some really great products to choose from.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great Gift Ideas From Amazon

This post is going to be a bit different than that of some of my past ones. In that I have imported some links to articles, which I have written on other publishing websites.
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These article stand out and alone and continue to be read by the Internet community over and over again. So again, I decided not to remove their back links.

Amazon has a huge selection of gift cards too! I like this idea because I think they're excellent choices to give to that person, which is hard to buy for and it allows them to pick or choose the gift they want. These very
cool cards come in several different types as well.

One of my favorite gift cards is the Subway! I love subs!  If that special someone loves Itunes, but you're not to sure as to which type? Why not just give him or her a Gift Card and let them choose their own? They'll love you for it in the long run!

You can buy them in several different denominations from $5.00 - $100.00 ranges! Very Very Cool! $10 Gift Card - Box of 50 Cards

I think you'll agree, there's something for everyone here and buying gift cards will also allow the person to shop or eat at their favorite restaurant or store. This also creates business for these places as well!